Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear Cuenca: I miss you

Dear Cuenca,

I liked you a lot. You are home to many cool people. Also I enjoyed your not so ancient history (note: Cathedral finished cerca de 1930)and flower market that was just 2 short blocks from the hostel. Your Spanish school was really great and I enjoyed my cultural lessons everyday. 6 hours a day was just the right amount to not make me crazy but also make me learn. I also liked your small quaint streets.

There are somethings that I wont miss about you... Like the scrambled eggs Hostel Castallana served EVERYDAY. The receptionist at the hostel who glared at me every time I walked past her. And last but not least, the lady who sold lottery tickets right under my window.

The view of the street from our hostel room.

Also, one thing I never tried, but wanted to was one of these guys:

But you only sell them by the whole cuy (guinea pig) and some members of this group did not want to try cuy.

All in all, I think you are a pretty great city and hope that you are well without me (though I don't really see how that is possible). Please tell your friend the Amazon that I am looking forward to getting to know them this weekend.

Warmest Regards,

The now, almost conversational in Spanish,
Amelia Wegener

Today we are back in Quito, which I like, but not as much as Cuenca. Tomorrow we are headed to the amazon jungle for the weekend and then it is back to the States for us (for a month!). Also I finally got my plane tickets to the DR. turns out it is super hard to get there from SLC, I am flying on a red eye to atlanta which should be pretty fun.

Also completely unrelated, some people are idiots. I just have to say that to the world. There are very few people who I can't stand, so chances are pretty good that you aren't on the list. But seriously. idiots.


  1. Sounds like it has been a blast! I hope the rainforest is awesome.

  2. So glad you are blogging. Keep it up, I enjoy reading about your sheenaniganting. I miss you, enjoy yourself and...take it easy :)

  3. oh p.s. this is lisa weiler

  4. i am SO glad you are back. on to the DR...