Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I am at my new home away from home. We are staying in a little hostel near the center of the city and it is pretty cute but we were a little hesitant when we first got here (there were paint chips on my bed and the shelves were super dirty) but after a good nights sleep we were happy with our new abode. Good thing I brought my laptop because the wireless has been down since we got here and so I have not been able to load any pictures up. Unless it starts working (which I highly doubt it will) it might be a few weeks before I get some pictures on here.

But I love it here! The part of the city that we are staying in is in so cool! It is el cuidad viejo (look how much spanish I know!!) and the streets are super narrow and made of cobblestone. There are so many churches and cathedrals that are very beautiful. I have been to the market a couple of times with my teachers; somebody must have told them that the key to my heart is fresh fruit.

This is pretty much what you see in the markets and on the streets.

Its such a different culture here but I like learning about it... I will have to tell you about my very UNIQUE cultural experience when I can get my pictures up here- it definitly needs its own post.

My spanish skills are coming right along although I have a lot more work ahead of me than I thought. Hopefully I´ll survive.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ecuador, here I am!

Thats right, I am here in Quito. We had quite an enjoyable time getting down here. You see, we normally fly coach but by some luck of the draw, we used frequent flyer miles and flew first class. See, I always thought, hmm there cant be that big of a difference right? WRONG. try 2x the foot space and much much better food. I had a salmon salad and an ice cream sundae for dessert. First class coupled with the fact that I slept about 8 of the 10 hours, the flight couldn't have been better. Lets just say the ride in coach on the way home is going to be difficult. But I guess I don't have to worry about that for another MONTH.

So I am realizing that to actually get good at Spanish, I am going to have to make a fool out of my self. repeatedly. Also, I thought I should mention that I did in fact get the brown chacos and I love them so thanks for that.

Well I will try to get some interesting stories. Until then, peace.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Boys will be girls

So here is the thing. I am totally in love with this video, for so many different reasons. Don't we all know someone like this?

Sorry I am not all tech savvy and don't know how to make it appear here so if anyone knows how your help would be appreciated. But seriously watch it. You wont regret it.

I love myself, I hate myself

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So someone who is kind enough to read my blog asked for more info on Ecuador. And I have to give the the people what they want. By the way, thanks for the comments, I know who my real friends are.

So the plan is the day after finals leave for Quito. I am going with my dear mother. By some random turn of events, we are flying first class part of the way for which I really can't wait. I have only walked past this section longingly and now I get to be in it for 2 beautiful hours, at least.

We are flying into Quito and spending a couple of days there just doing normal touristy things I think. But then the real fun begins, we will be spending most of our time in Cuenca in a spanish immersion school. Hopefully I will come back fluent... or at least conversational. We will be at the school for 3 weeks and don't worry, weekend fun is already planned. Amazon. Ruins. And Who knows.

Also please don't judge me but I couldn't resist. I have fallen into the BYU trap of buying chacos. They are just so practical for this summer.

So all thats left really is 6 finals, 2 presentations, 3 projects, and a paper. Problem? No way.