Sunday, March 10, 2013


Okay so I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I have blogged and I basically have no followers due to my neglect... Or maybe I never had followers to start out with. Who knows, but the point is I have something to say so I am going to put it into cyber-world.

Life is hard. It just is. But that is what makes it so amazing and rewarding. I think that this little boy says it best, "life is hard, move on." Though he is talking about romance, I think it applies to all aspects of life.

Without going into too many details, this semester hasn't been what one would call ideal. But at the same time I wouldn't change anything. I am learning a lot about myself.

I have also been reminded of the great value people have. There have been several times when someone knocked on the door RIGHT when I needed to talk or offered to help me when I really needed it. Even small things that probably don't seem like a big deal, mean a lot. Okay this is making my life sound like it is hard and it really isn't but I guess what I am trying to say is thank you. Thanks to every person in my life for being who you are and making a difference for me. Hopefully I can pay forward all of the genuine kindness that people show to me everyday. People are just so great and they make me happy and make my life full.

So that was sappy and slightly out of character for me but I think I will try and get back on the blogging horse. On a lighter note, someone told me I look old today. That made me laugh, I guess 23 isn't looking so good on me. I suppose it's better than that time someone guessed I was 30, so I'll take what I can get.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Due to recent events

I now must ask 'Do you speak Portuguese' before I can say the name of my mission.

Turns out, the t sounds like an h or something that, so I feel too stupid saying it in front of people who actually know how it is supposed to sound. I know already that this is setting me up to be one of those missionaries who comes back saying I went to BraSil and having a missionary accent. Whatever, maybe it will be cool by the time I come back.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

If one more person says...

that I am going to gain weight on my mission I might lose it. Not that it probably is going to happen, but really, do we need to talk about it before it happens?

So this week as I went to get a good pair of walking church shoes- Here is an actual conversation that happened at the shoe store, with no exaggeration.

me: these are too big
mom: well you are going to gain weight on your mission
me: not in my feet (turn to the sales lady) She keeps telling me I am going to gain weight.
sales lady: (looks me up and down) you probably will.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

No need for pity

So it has recently come to my attention that people 'feel bad for me, for living at home and all.' No need for that, I am still doing all sorts of exciting things before shipping off to Brazil.
-Going to St. George with the family for the Red Rock Relay. quite enjoyable
- Mission Prep at both my ward and the Sandy institute. Let me tell you, that is quite the experience saying that I am out numbered by 18 year old boys about 10 to 1. No really, its actually pretty entertaining.
-Practicing my Portuguese- Thanks Kimball and Garrison.

Also on that note, Spanish and Portuguese- similar but not the same. Just thought we needed to touch on that because every person has told me how easy Portuguese will be because I 'kind of speak Spanish.' Also, on that note, who are you to be judging my ability to speak Spanish, you've never heard me talk so maybe I more than kind of speak Spanish. Maybe.

-Okay besides that it has been a little slow here at home, but never fear, I make a minimum weekly visit to Provo, where mostly everyone is complaining about school when I am complaining that I don't have school. Also have some fantastic friends in Sandy and sister who is also living at home.

Time actually has gone fairly fast, I am coming up on 2 months til send off.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back again

Well, turns out living on a tropical island is really time consuming and doesn't leave much time for blogging. Thats okay, you will just have to take my word for it that it was really really fun. Also I am a horrible picture taker because there were always tons of people taking pictures so I have only a few photos to show for myself. Also, I got a lot of sun. again no pictures to prove it so you will have to come visit me.

A few people have asked me if I have had culture shock. let me just tell you a little bit about family dinner today.

So, loved the food in the DR but pretty much it was rice and beans every day x2.

So today for dinner my family has a nice welcome home/ birthday dinner for me. I was so hungry... I just started eating. about half way through dinner I had to change out of my dress because it was getting too tight and then about 3 minutes after returning I had to excuse myself because I was so full I felt sick. Apparently eating nothing but rice and beans is far less filling and its been too long since I have eaten food like that. so readjusting to food will be good. haha

Okay, I am going to blog a little about the DR- I am just waiting on some pictures.

Peace out.

For those of you who hadn't heard- I am going to the Porto Alegre North Mission in Brazil. it is 39 degrees F there. I am going to die. but I am actually really excited.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Camp: Day 1

Lesson learned: Team building exercises only work if you work together as a team. Also they are easier to explain if you speak the language. So the human knot game is really really rough in a kids camp in the Dominican Republic just for future reference.

But seriously working at this kids camp has been really great, given today was the first day of camp. I am working with kids who are older but at about a 3rd grade level. They are very energetic but I think that hopefully they will like summer camp. Also my spanish needs to get better so get better it will. Direct quote from one of the teachers- You will be severely blessed for working with these children

These are the cute children right when camp was starting.

Okay, peace out.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life lessons learned through surfing

Hola from the DR! We haven't had tons of time for computering and it doesn't seem like we will have that much time in the future but I am having quite an enjoyable time here. My chaco line is great after only one week.

We also have the chance to go surfing every morning if we want to. I decided to get in on this even though last time I surfed I was not too successful. So the German teacher picked us up and took us to the beach at sunrise. The first thing he did was take us to this bench where the sun was rising and told us to look at the ocean and that we should never be in a rush to get in the water but that we should sit and look at the waves and enjoy it before going into the water.

How was the surfing you might ask? I got up nearly everytime... with a push from the teacher. A much better experience than last time. Tomorrow's goal: get up without a push.

Then after a brief on land lesson he explained that just like in life, you should never look backwards or sideways- always forward on the surfboard. I quite enjoyed the life parallels. While I am on the subject of life I have an announcement. I was going to wait until I had my call but I was expecting it today and it did not come... I am going on a mission! So I am pretty excited about that.

The spanish is going pretty well. I mean I understand almost everything I just need to work on talking more. I am excited to start camp next week. I will be working with children age 11-14 who are behind at least 2 years in school. The kids are so cute and energetic!

Thats all for now.

PS sorry about there being no pictures... I haven't taken too many and it doesn't seem to be working!