Sunday, September 19, 2010

No need for pity

So it has recently come to my attention that people 'feel bad for me, for living at home and all.' No need for that, I am still doing all sorts of exciting things before shipping off to Brazil.
-Going to St. George with the family for the Red Rock Relay. quite enjoyable
- Mission Prep at both my ward and the Sandy institute. Let me tell you, that is quite the experience saying that I am out numbered by 18 year old boys about 10 to 1. No really, its actually pretty entertaining.
-Practicing my Portuguese- Thanks Kimball and Garrison.

Also on that note, Spanish and Portuguese- similar but not the same. Just thought we needed to touch on that because every person has told me how easy Portuguese will be because I 'kind of speak Spanish.' Also, on that note, who are you to be judging my ability to speak Spanish, you've never heard me talk so maybe I more than kind of speak Spanish. Maybe.

-Okay besides that it has been a little slow here at home, but never fear, I make a minimum weekly visit to Provo, where mostly everyone is complaining about school when I am complaining that I don't have school. Also have some fantastic friends in Sandy and sister who is also living at home.

Time actually has gone fairly fast, I am coming up on 2 months til send off.