Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why my major ruins traveling

Okay, maybe a bit of a hyperbole but seriously. I might be a little obsessed with dietetics, and it may have taken over my life this past year. Still under debate. But I wouldn't change my major for anything. So this is where we come to the problem of it ruining my travels. One word: Food Safety.

I mean I am all about trying new foods. As long as that food hasn't been in the 'danger zone' (41-135 degrees F) for more than 4 hours. I also would prefer if the food was made in a sanitary environment and that the employees washed their hands for 20 seconds with hot water after touching their hair/face or going to the bathroom. I really don't think that is too much to ask.

But apparently it is. In one of my Spanish classes I had to explain what food safety was. I don't know if I could really drive the point home in my broken Spanish.

But every time I sit down to eat I have to think "don't think about how this was made or how long its been sitting out, or how it is probably not the safest thing to be eating, just eat it." And it usually tastes just fine, and so far only a few upset stomachs.

Also a fun little Ecuadorian trend; they don't ask you if you would like potatoes, fries, or rice- because your meal comes with all 3. So when I come back 10 lbs heavier, please don't ask why.

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  1. I just posted a huge long comment and it didn't work. let's just sum it up by saying thank you mildread for taking advantage of your educating me about the danger zone. I will never fail nutrition again.