Sunday, October 10, 2010

If one more person says...

that I am going to gain weight on my mission I might lose it. Not that it probably is going to happen, but really, do we need to talk about it before it happens?

So this week as I went to get a good pair of walking church shoes- Here is an actual conversation that happened at the shoe store, with no exaggeration.

me: these are too big
mom: well you are going to gain weight on your mission
me: not in my feet (turn to the sales lady) She keeps telling me I am going to gain weight.
sales lady: (looks me up and down) you probably will.



  1. bahahahaha. i feel so (not) good about this.

  2. I literally LOLed (as you would put it) when I read this. Ha ha and one of my co-workers walked by and gave me a weird look. Best post. Ever. Love ya, girl (fat or skinny...although I have no doubt you can easily lose any weight you MAY or MAY NOT gain on the mish)! :)

  3. please see my before and after mission picts :)

  4. miss you. so much. why you never call back?

  5. duuuuuude that would drive me nuts.