Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life lessons learned through surfing

Hola from the DR! We haven't had tons of time for computering and it doesn't seem like we will have that much time in the future but I am having quite an enjoyable time here. My chaco line is great after only one week.

We also have the chance to go surfing every morning if we want to. I decided to get in on this even though last time I surfed I was not too successful. So the German teacher picked us up and took us to the beach at sunrise. The first thing he did was take us to this bench where the sun was rising and told us to look at the ocean and that we should never be in a rush to get in the water but that we should sit and look at the waves and enjoy it before going into the water.

How was the surfing you might ask? I got up nearly everytime... with a push from the teacher. A much better experience than last time. Tomorrow's goal: get up without a push.

Then after a brief on land lesson he explained that just like in life, you should never look backwards or sideways- always forward on the surfboard. I quite enjoyed the life parallels. While I am on the subject of life I have an announcement. I was going to wait until I had my call but I was expecting it today and it did not come... I am going on a mission! So I am pretty excited about that.

The spanish is going pretty well. I mean I understand almost everything I just need to work on talking more. I am excited to start camp next week. I will be working with children age 11-14 who are behind at least 2 years in school. The kids are so cute and energetic!

Thats all for now.

PS sorry about there being no pictures... I haven't taken too many and it doesn't seem to be working!


  1. It sounds like a great time! I'll have you know that your program at the library attracted more people then the Wii did. My coworker wished you could have come to her location!

  2. jealous of the feet lines and the chance to surf every morning!!

    lisa weiler

  3. i miss you. but you are having fun. that's cool. later.

  4. sounds incredible!! keep writing...also, i think i have 2 girls interested in your provo contract...if you want to give me the info, i could forward it onto them. sorry for writing this on your blog, i didn't know how else to get in contact with you!!