Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome Back to School

It may seem odd that I am just now getting ready to accept the fact that I am back to school. Unfortunately I have been a little reluctant to get on the Winter 2010 bandwagon. I think I officially jumped on this weekend, when I put most of my assignments into my planner and realized that I am actually going to have 'tests and projects'. Weird, I know- I thought that was just during Fall semester.
As many of the BYU students know, the Clyde building had no power Thursday-Friday. I had the ultimate pleasure of finding this out first hand.
I headed to my 9:30 class on Thursday, just having had a conversation about how I didn't really like the Clyde (no offense, I am just used to living in the Eyring) Anyway, I walk in and it was semi-dark and had a somewhat odd smell and thought- 'man I dislike this building more than I remember.' Needless to say it took walking up one flight of stairs until I realized that, yes indeed, the power was out.
Determined to go to class (yes I am such a good student) I went through the darkness to my class. I sat down with the majority of my class already there in the dark when the fire alarm went off. Whoever thought that strobe lights on a fire alarm was a good idea was seriously mistaken. It makes it 5000x harder to find your way. Anyway, I eventually made it out and class was cancelled. Made my day. I guess the Clyde is somewhat redeemed by providing me with a get out of class free card.

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