Sunday, January 24, 2010

A weekend in the Sun?

So this weekend, I went to St. George, which is supposed to be warmer, right? Wrong. Well unless 42 degrees counts as warmer- Its under 50 which is still cold.
We stayed in this retirement village/towne/development-thing that was pretty nice. Each 'villa' had its own golf cart and like 45892523 pillows on each bed. Even with the clouds and cold weather, my sister and I insisted on driving the golf cart at every possible moment.

I ran a half marathon with my dad and sister, which was amazing, because we usually run the same race but not together. I also had the immense privilege of running with none other than the famous Professor Judd. Yup, we chit chatted it up for about a mile and he even asked me what grade I got in his class. I took the privilege upon myself to shout to the bystanders that he was a professor at BYU. I am not sure he thought it was as funny as I did.

Seriously though, St. George was so pretty because the air was clean and the snow on the mountains around the red rock gave a nice contrast.

I would have taken some pictures but unfortunately my camera was the only camera that made it to St. George and it was dead.

I'm not really sure how to end this blog thing... so I guess I'll just stop typing.

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  1. WHOA! So cool. Judd--thats awesome!