Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So someone who is kind enough to read my blog asked for more info on Ecuador. And I have to give the the people what they want. By the way, thanks for the comments, I know who my real friends are.

So the plan is the day after finals leave for Quito. I am going with my dear mother. By some random turn of events, we are flying first class part of the way for which I really can't wait. I have only walked past this section longingly and now I get to be in it for 2 beautiful hours, at least.

We are flying into Quito and spending a couple of days there just doing normal touristy things I think. But then the real fun begins, we will be spending most of our time in Cuenca in a spanish immersion school. Hopefully I will come back fluent... or at least conversational. We will be at the school for 3 weeks and don't worry, weekend fun is already planned. Amazon. Ruins. And Who knows.

Also please don't judge me but I couldn't resist. I have fallen into the BYU trap of buying chacos. They are just so practical for this summer.

So all thats left really is 6 finals, 2 presentations, 3 projects, and a paper. Problem? No way.


  1. If you have to buy chacos, dont get black chaco. there are SO many cute colors out there. i have black and I totally regret not getting green or yellow.

  2. I have the split strap green chaco's and so does Natalie... just saying...

  3. Firstly, I prefer my shout-outs to mention me by name. Note that for future applications.

    Second, I like the black ones! I really need to get a pair myself.

    Lastly, this summer is going to be soooo fun for you! You better keep up with your blog while you're gone! I want to see and hear about all your adventures while your traveling.

  4. Word. I already got the black ones.